General Services Administration shows web traffic from across the federal web presence. The API can query a large number of metrics government-wide or by agency.


GSA Auctions API is a public GET API. The Auction listings will be delivered to the user in two formats. One is JSON and the other one is XML. The auction listings delivered thru the API contains the auction listings from all the participating agencies.

The API is a public GET API. Data from the API will be delivered in JSON format. All of its data is provided by partner agencies and is fully available to the public.'s own API can be accessed using the CKAN API.

Digital Signature Solution (DSS)

DSS APIs provide capability for the GSA applications and business processes to transition from paper-based signing to digital signing by embedding digital signing as a step within the business process workflow.


summary: The System for Award Management manages all the registrations of entities wishing to do business with the federal government. The SAM API provides easy access to public information about those entities.

Sustainable Facilities Tool

Pull the most up to date information about green products, services, and materials. Put sustainable strategies in the hands of your audience today.

US Digital Registry

A governmentwide index of Federal social media accounts and mobile apps.

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